Portrait Collection @ Heroes Museum

The online Heroes Museum presents the iconic faces of contemporary visual culture and recent history as part of our media environment. From Saddam Hussein to Mickey Mouse, from Kim Kardashian to Mahatma Ghandi; faces of fame and infamy we know by heart, that are branded in our brain and collective consciousness. The obsessively collected portraits on heroesmuseum.online are a sight for sore eyes, a database of familiarity good, glorious and debatable.


The selection criteria are clear: which face, which personality, which personage, has become so iconic it is justifiably part of the overall media age we live in? These faces enchant and beguile us by their unique face value as brands, representing ideas, power structures, values and comfort. And horrific global history, Hollywood escapism, unrealistic beauty standards, cultish followings and fan boy devotion. Iconic faces: the good, the bad, the horribly over appreciated, the omnipresent in our media age. Face value is what counts. This is clearly the hall of fame.


In our age of constant connectivity, smart phones in relentless news update mode, we spend hours upon hours taking in mainstream media content where repetition comes to hypnotize us. In time these faces become iconic no matter who or what they represent. As icons of the time the online Heroes Museum presents a unique dynamic portrait collection representing our visual culture.

Museums are archaic bastions of high culture presentation and interpretation. This makes them both interesting on many levels and dependent on blockbuster value as tourist destinations. This museum is a digital museum as an arena open for debate on media culture.