Welcome at the personal website of Mieke Gerritzen

Mieke Gerritzen (1962), designer, artist, producer, director, was born in Amsterdam. She graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1987. In the early nineties Gerritzen was one of the first designers involved in the development of digital media in the Netherlands. Gerritzen is founder of The Image Society. From 2009 until 2017 she was director of MOTI, Museum of the Image. Mieke Gerritzen creates networks with many different designers, writers and artists. In 2001 she started the All Media Foundation for the organization and production of movies, publications and events like “The International Browserday” in New York, Berlin and Amsterdam and “The Biggest Visual Power Shows in Amsterdam and Los Angeles.” Gerritzen was head of the design department Sandberg Institute from 2002 – 2009, the master course connected to Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Mieke Gerritzen received many prizes and gives lectures and presentations worldwide.

Below, in reverse chronological order, I list the highlights from my professional career which marks the start of the digital revolution with the first internet projects and evolves into my fascination for image culture.


2017 – The Image Society

In 2017 a new foundation on the topic of image culture called The Image Society will be up and running. The Image Society is a network organization that collaborates with many different partners (companies, institutes, publishers, writers, curators, artists and designers) on projects.



2009 – 2017 MOTI, Museum of the Image

In 2009 I was appointed director of the Graphic Design Museum. In 2011, I changed the name to MOTI, Museum of the Image. The museum has developed under that name into the museum of the 21st century which presents visual communications in the broadest sense of the word to the public. The museum links social issues to the explosive image culture that confronts everybody today. Unfortunately the museum will close down at January 1, 2017. I will continue developing projects on image culture with The Image Society, a new foundation.


2002 – 2009 Stifo@Sandberg (Mediafonds@Sandberg)

For seven years, I organised the Mediafonds@Sandberg (formerly Stifo@Sandberg) master classes, with an annual conference where the newest developments were presented. Experienced TV makers and media designers searched together for new forms of telling and working on a self-formulated ‘research question’ which resulted in a demo for a cultural media production.


2002 – 2007 St.Moritz Design Summit

Under the auspices of the Raymond Loewy Foundation (Lucky Strike), acknowledged stylists and design theoreticians like Stefan Sagmeister, Chantal Prod’hom, Uta Brandes or Michael Erlhoff – to name but a few – gathered together for an informal exchange of ideas, free of the usual conventions. An experiment that started with a fundamental question: What is design at present and in future? I joined them for 5 years and designed the design declaration booklet.



2002 – 2014 All Media Foundation

All Media was a non-profit organisation that conceived and produced print, products, events and films. It was a critical organisation that researched current topics in culture and sought to communicate through the image. The All Media Foundation made possible many cultural projects, events and publications with Dutch subsidies.


2003 – 2008 Biggest Visual Power Shows

The Biggest Visual Power Show is an intellectual show that is a blend between a conference and a pop concert. The show represents a field of mixed cultural disciplines where we present visionary statements, radical ideas and powerful imagery. I organised these shows together with Koert van Mensvoort in Paradiso Amsterdam, De Effenaar Eindhoven, Zollverein Essen and Los Angeles USA.


1998 – 2002 International Browser Days

The browser is the face of the media. The browser determines how we see things that happen in the media. During the browser day, the significance of the browser is closely investigated. During the Browser Day, alternative browsers for the Internet were presented in the Browser Competition. Together with Geert Lovink and Stewart McBride, I organised several events in Amsterdam, Berlin and New York.


sandberg copy

1994 – 2009 Gerrit Rietveld Academy / Sandberg Institute

I was connected with the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Sandberg Institute for fifteen years. First as lecturer and then, from 2002 to 2009, as head of the design department at the Sandberg Institute, running the department together with Rob Schröder and Aaf van Essen. We taught and prepared students for a professional career in the complex media world of design, film, art and a social awareness.



1990 – 2000 NL.Design

NL.Design was the name we (Mieke Gerritzen and Marjolijn Ruyg) used when we worked together for ten years as designers. From theatre booklets, magazines, books and posters to exhibition design, websites and films. The book Catalogue of Strategies collects all the work produced in those ten years.


1996 – 2000 Waag Society

During these years of development I was the designer for De Waag, society for old and new media in Amsterdam, which is now called Waag Society. I made the logo, the reading table for old and new media, “we want bandwidth” campaign in Kassel and the first websites for De Waag. I worked with Carolien Nevejan and Marleen Stikker.



1994 – 1997 VPRO digital

VPRO Digital started in 1994 as the first internet department of a Dutch public broadcaster. I was engaged as designer at VPRO’s digital attic. Here I learnt Photoshop and cooperated on the first Dutch CD-ROM, designed websites, logo for 3 for 12, but also learned how to make television for the WEB program and WEB World receiver.



1990 – 1994 De Balie / Digital City / XS4ALL

In this period, the internet came into being, we received our first email address and I saw the internet become visual, evolving from text-based to the World Wide Web with the first graphic interface. As designer, I was involved in setting up The Digital City, XS4ALL and Live Magazine in De Balie. I always worked on these projects with Marleen Stikker.