Eyes of the City UABB – Communication Design by Mieke Gerritzen

UABB Shenzhen

The communication design of the UABB 2019 main exhibition Eyes of the City introduces a new aesthetic based on the universal visual language of the railway station. When everything is destined to be designed, design disappears into the everyday. Eyes of the City @ the trainstation acts as a symbol of the transformative world we live in where our daily habits become aware of new digital realms. Design is moving away from concrete applications in objects and industry towards immaterial and virtual outcomes. The Shenzhen railway station present merging fields between the physical and virtual, and the commercial and cultural, private and public. We are designing the world, from the grand metropolis to the humble kitchen mug. The duty-free cultures at public spaces as we know them will be replaced in Shenzhen Railway Station by an even so desirable environment of info-techno aesthetics. Eyes of the City reflects on how we live, work and travel, today and in the future.