Heroes Scarf

The scarf consists of more than 200 small-scale portraits of famous people stepped and repeated to create a dense pattern that enacts the obsessive logic of celebrity, with its relentless broadcast of familiar faces.

The scarf with famous and notorious people is a design that shows how we deal with stardom. The good and the bad people become all icons and brands over the time. The icons are important material for our human history and heritage.

The limited-edition silk scarves based on the heroes pattern will be updated from time to time to include new icons of fame and power, including new famous heroes. The 2017 edition is available.

€ 99,95

You can order the scarf here

Material: 100% silk (Habutai) produced in India.
Size: 80 cm x 200 cm (31 x 79 inch)

The idea and the design of the scarf comes from Mieke Gerritzen. Gerritzen is a Dutch designer who is fascinated by image culture and how people look at the contemporary exploding world of image. She showed the collection in Musée de Design Mudac in Lausanne (Switzerland) and the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum in New York. Gerritzen’s pattern is a colorful blur when viewed from a distance; it exposes its crowded cult of personality when viewed up close.