Visual Power Memory Game, design Arnoud van der Heuvel
Visual Power Memory Game, design Arnoud van den Heuvel, 2003

Memory Games

The Memory Game is back and MOTI follows the dynamic development of the game. The first game – which has since become traditional – was marketed by Ravensburger and appeared in 1959. The original concept is based on 32 sets with exactly the same cards. In 2003, Mieke Gerritzen introduced the first game (Visual Power Memory) where the two cards belonging together differed from each other. A change that is now used frequently, and which has radically changed the memory game as we know it. Suddenly the familiar card game was no longer just about memory, but also about knowledge. By creating in a special way a relationship, both in content and visually, between two images, an accessible tool arises for knowledge development around image culture.

MOTI, Museum of the Image in Breda, has carried out a study and has collected all exceptional memory games to offer for sale in the museum shop. The collection currently contains almost fifty different Memory Games. The collection varies from standard games published by Ravensburger and BisPublishers to games by designers and artists produced under the museum’s auspices. Below are three Memory Games produced by Mieke Gerritzen and MOTI.

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Analog vs Digital - Upcoming Memory Game
Analog vs Digital – Upcoming Memory Game by MOTI and Next Nature Network. Compiled by Nadine Roestenburg

Analog VS Digital Memory Game

Since the introduction of the Internet, the digital world emerged and began to infiltrate our analog lives. After the bit rush atoms and bits found each other, boundaries between the online and offline are blurring. Data is the new oil. In the near future the digital world will be more and more invisibly entangled with our offline world. New ways of seeing, thinking and experiencing are explored in this Analog vs Digital memory game. This game contains cards featuring pairs of images exploring the multifaceted relation between the digital and analog. The fun lies not just in playing the game but also in the illuminating encounter between the ‘different’ worlds. We expect the game in spring 2015.

Fake for Real Memory Game, door Koert van Mensvoort, Mieke Gerritzen, Arnoud van den Heivel, Hendrik-Jan Grievink en Rolf Coppens
Fake for Real Memory Game, door Koert van Mensvoort, Mieke Gerritzen, Arnoud van den Heuvel, Hendrik-Jan Grievink en Rolf Coppens
Fake For Real Memory Game

Fake for Real Memory Game, 2008

Find yourself forgetting what’s real and what’s virtual? Jog your memory with Fake for Real, a game about reality. The Fake for Real Memory Game consists of 60 cards that playfully visualize the classical theme of Fake vs Real. Is everything that was once directly experienced in our media society now replaced by simulations? Or are reproduction and imitation naturally part of life? Can you tell the fake from the real?