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Who are you, who do you want to be, and what do you need to do to get there? We are constantly pushed to lead the perfect life. Help Your Self! is an inspiration book to design your perfect self and shows you how to get started. Are you a Self-designer?

The Rise of Self-Design

256 page’s with information to design your self.
By Mieke Gerritzen / Publisher Valiz.
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For Help Your Self!, many different aspects of Self-Design have been researched, from self-sufficiency, self-help and self-interest to the manipulability of people and self-image and selfies.

Most people have some idea of what self-design may be. We design our own identity, our own image, and we present ourselves as we like to be seen. The various ingenious methods and ideas to create a better version of ourselves — dieting to achieve the perfect body, converting our talents into a successful company, or find bliss in a new love — are regarded as new forms of creativity, or Self-Design.

Help Your Self! introduces the notion of self-design because as a self-designer you have an extremely important assignment. Designing yourself is a personal challenge, but most of all a responsible task. How you position, profile, and manifest yourself in society not only determines your own happiness and well-being, but also that of your environment.

Help Your Self! lets you surf on paper. Help Your Self! introduces you to the many aspects of self-design, ranging from developing your identity to designing your own death. It is a picture book that asks questions about how you want to do things or what you think of them. Help Your Self! is a book about man’s pliability, about you as an individual in society, about how you shape yourself into the person you want to be. It is not scientific or all-encompassing, but it is full of knowledge and ideas about how you can create yourself. Although there are many things to fill out, the book is not intended as a self-help book nor is it an answer to the self-help industry, which by now in its vastness has become a real economic factor.

Help Your Self! reflects on the society in which you live. It looks gay enough but the book also shows you where the dangers lie. Visions of the future or how you may change or improve yourself have been around for centuries and so has the collecting of interesting facts, ideas, and thoughts. Even before there were encyclopaedias and dictionaries, there already were — soon after the invention of printing around 1450 — books of quotes. The urge to collect information is still in full swing and was given an enormous boost by the advent of the Internet.

This book is being developed and realized with support of the Creative Industries Fund and VALIZ publishers.

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